Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is going to be the driving power for next century. With rapid boost in generative AI the above statement has been strengthened further. Hence Hepmade is also ready to provide AI based solution to enhance your business. We deploy custom Machine Learning modules as well as integrate AI based apis with your solutions to provide you an edge ahead of your competitors.

We have expertise in Computer vision, Sentimental Analysis, crowdsourcing, Generative AI, Biocomputations, Emotional Analysis and Data Analysis.

AI Based Solutions

Data Analysis

Computer Vision

Emotional Analysis

Generative AI

Our Services

Managed APIs (Saas)

We compose simple and smart solutions based on Cloud Vendor APIโ€™s (eg. AWS Rekognition, Polly): when you want to extract common predictions for your data.

Dedicated Solution

We build machine cloud assisted learning models for the browser (lightweight) and for the backend (heavy processing) and deploy them on cloud infrastructure: when your needs are quite specific and you require a tailored solution to analyze and extract predictions from your data.

Tech Stack