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We are a dynamic team of industry veterans and young enthusiasts, driven by a collective vision to revolutionize the landscape of IT services and consultancy.

How We Work

Entrepreneurial Employees

Select Hepmade as your tech ally for unparalleled collaboration, innovation, and cost excellence. Beyond ordinary service providers, we're your trusted co-pilot, ensuring proactive solutions, cutting-edge design, and efficiency.

Hepmade’s TG

Hepmade embraces the entrepreneurial spirit, encouraging anyone in our tribe to embark on their journey. Join us to blend your job with a nurturing environment and kickstart entrepreneurship effortlessly.

Nexus Model

Explore Hepmade's Nexus Model, fusing elite tech expertise with in-house agility. Harness part-time prowess of sector experts for visionary design, coupled with dedicated teams for efficient implementation. Embrace innovation at optimal costs.

Our Values

Rooted in the essence of 'Hepta,' symbolizing seven, Hepmade embodies completeness and balance. Our holistic business approach integrates Strategy, Leadership, Communication, Operations, Innovation, Ethics, and Community engagement.


Crafting clear roadmaps and goals, leveraging tech trends to steer Hepmade towards industry leadership.


Inspiring and guiding teams with vision and integrity, fostering a culture of excellence and innovation at Hepmade.


Ensuring transparent, open channels for ideas and feedback to thrive, enhancing Hepmade's collaborative spirit.


Streamlining processes with efficiency and agility, ensuring Hepmade delivers quality solutions promptly.


Encouraging creative problem-solving and cutting-edge solutions, keeping Hepmade at the forefront of technology.


Upholding strong moral principles in all dealings, ensuring Hepmade's growth is responsible and sustainable.

Community Engagement

Building connections, giving back, and promoting inclusivity, reflecting Hepmade's commitment to social impact.

Our Journey


Rebrand & Strategies to strengthen our base in Asia & North America. Explore opportunities in Africa, Europe & Latin America


Established first and successful footprint in Asia & North America


Founded in 2022 with a great and balanced vistion with solid goal in mind.

Our Trusted
Partner Ecosystem

At Hepmade, we believe in the power of collaboration to drive innovation, enhance customer value, and expand our reach. We're proud to engage in strategic partnerships that align with our core values and help us deliver outstanding solutions. Here's how we collaborate through our key partnership channels.

Hepmade proudly partners with Microsoft as a trusted cloud partner, leveraging their cutting-edge technologies to deliver robust and scalable solutions for our clients.

Cloud Partners

Hepmade collaborates with Zoho to seamlessly integrate complex systems, providing clients a unified experience where software components work flawlessly together.

System Integrators

We partner with Archgroup for data analytics and market insights, empowering strategic growth by leveraging big data for enhanced decision-making and product development.

Strategic Partners

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Business Growth.

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