Welcome to the
Hepmade Tribe

Our Vision

At Hepmade Private Solutions, we believe in fostering a work environment that transcends the conventional and embraces the profound wisdom of India's rich heritage. Welcome to the Hempade Tribe - a community inspired by the gurukul tradition, where knowledge flows freely, and every member is an integral part of a collective journey.

The Gurukul Philosophy

In the spirit of the ancient gurukuls, we have embraced a culture that values collaboration, shared wisdom, and a sense of purpose beyond individual roles. Within our tribe, you won't find rigid hierarchies; instead, we thrive on the diversity of roles, each contributing uniquely to our collective growth.

At Hepmade, we celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship. We believe that innovation knows no bounds, and anyone within the tribe who aspires to embark on their entrepreneurial journey is not just welcomed but encouraged.

Meet the Hepmade Tribe

|| Anveshak ||

The Innovator

Hepmade's Anveshak innovates with IoT, AI/ML, Edge Computing, and Blockchain, addressing client challenges for ongoing innovation.

|| Udyamee ||

The Entrepreneurial Employee

Udyamee at Hempade leads projects with an entrepreneurial spirit, embracing personal ownership and a startup mindset.

|| Updeshak ||

Tech Gurus

Updeshaks at Hempade, inspired by Bharat, shape culture, develop products, and mentor for excellence.

|| Prativaabhan ||

Brilliant Individuals

Prativaabhans at Hempade drive growth through intelligence, commitment, and a Gurukul-inspired ethos.

|| Dhumketu ||

TG^2 (Tech Genius from Tech Giants)

Dhumketu, Tech Geniuses at Hempade, collaborate with internal teams, injecting brilliance into customer solutions.

|| Pratisthapak ||

The Founders

Pratisthapaks at Hempade, blending veterans and enthusiasts, anchor the tribe, guiding toward innovation and growth in Bharat's silicon era.

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